How to revise

Be prepared

  • DO practise with past papers so you know how they work. DON’T be frightened by the exam on the day.
  • DO know exactly what is on the syllabus. DON’T get caught out by unexpected questions.
  • DO learn the content inside out with Galore Park‘s revision guides. DON’T miss important details!

Get the best out of your brain

  • Exercise. Your brain functions more effectively with plenty of oxygen.
  • Eat healthily. Your brain works better when you give it good fuel.
  • Think positively. Give your brain positive messages so that it will want to study.
  • Keep calm. If your brain is stressed, it will not operate effectively.
  • Take regular breaks. Refresh your brain by taking a break every half hour.
  • Get enough sleep. Your brain will carry on sorting out what you have revised while you sleep.

Take a break!

  • Your brain keeps learning while you break! Take a 5 minute break every half hour.
  • DO: listen to your favourite music, eat healthy food, drink some water, do some exercises or juggle!
  • DON’T: read a book, watch TV or play on the computer – it will conflict with what your brain is trying to learn.
  • When you go back to your revision, review what you have just learnt.