Preparing for Common Entrance

There is no better preparation for Common Entrance than past exam papers. That’s why we’re offering a whole set of past papers for you to download, for FREE.

Common Entrance exams are an essential part of getting into many of the top independent senior schools, so it’s crucial that your child is well prepared. On top of English, Maths and Science, he or she may have to sit exams in French, Geography, History, Religious Studies; or even Latin, Greek or Spanish.

Many schools will help with exam preparation, but a parent’s practical and emotional support is vital. We encourage parents to start working with their child at least a year before the exams. This gives you both time to identify knowledge gaps, and any areas where confidence is lacking. By providing a quiet and comfortable place to work, setting realistic targets, utilising revision materials on the market, and boosting your child’s performance with encouragement and praise, you are setting them up for exam success and a great future.

Common Entrance exams and syllabuses are set by the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB), so familiarising yourself with ISEB material is critical. Galore Park is the official distributor of ISEB exam papers, and we are giving away invaluable past papers right here, completely FREE.

For further information about Common Entrance, ISEB, and to find more essential resources, visit the Galore Park website.

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